If you have stacks of business cards strewn about and don’t know what to do with them, read on because this is for you!

Unsure where leads come from? Inconsistent follow-up?

If so, then you have a gap in your follow-up system. Here are some signs:

  • The first is that you know that you aren’t getting all the leads you could from events. So if you leave an event, and you feel as though maybe you talked to some people, or there were potential people out there that you could have reached to in the future, but you did not have an opportunity to get their contact information, this may be a sign that you have a gap.
  • If you can’t always remember specifics about the people you meet, the promises you’ve made, what they do et cetera, this can be another sign.
  • If you have stacks of business cards or posters sitting on your desk, that you have every intention of following up with, but haven’t gotten around to it, this is a great sign that there may be a gap.
  • And if you know that stuff is falling through the cracks, there is low hanging fruit, or potential clients out there, that you haven’t had the time or the ability to reach out to, but you know that if you were able to do that you would increase your sales, get more clients, or make more money.

If this is you, this video is going to give you a simple easy-to-follow 3-step system so you can stop leaving money on the table.

Stop shoving business cards into shoeboxes never to be seen again and start leveraging ALL of your opportunities.