What is a marketing tool that’s doesn’t cost a cent, easy to implement, and will bring in clients?

The answer is Testimonials!

Not only are testimonials free, but they add instant credibility to your website, power up your social proof, which will bring in more clients.

Now, many business owners KNOW they should be gathering testimonials, but it’s not sexy or fun, and definitely not their favorite thing to do. Here are the top 3 excuses I hear:

  1. I’m shy and don’t like asking for testimonials
  2. I asked for a testimonial from my client but they never sent it
  3. I get really great feedback all the time but the emails just sort of sit there and I don’t do anything with them

If you aren’t using testimonials in your marketing, you are missing out! Not to worry because I have a system that will turn those excuses into solutions.

Here we go with my 5-step testimonial-getting system…

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