We’ve been talking this month about re-engaging inactive subscribers and re-engagement strategies. In last week’s video, I showed you examples of emails that you can send in order to get people to take action – whether it’s clicking a link so you don’t unsubscribe them, changing their marketing preferences, making a purchase, or something else.

You may have seen many of these types of emails yourself. This week alone, I’ve seen a “We want you back” discount from Blue Apron, “Do you mind taking a survey to tell us what we could do better?” and finally a “Do you still want to hear from me?” with choices of “Yes I do,” “Yes, but send me fewer emails,” and finally a “No, unsub me please.” Very blunt and sweet indeed.

So you may be thinking, “Is that it? Should I just send the one email and if they don’t do something, I should delete them?”

Yes, you can. If that’s your strategy, there’s nothing wrong with that. It puts you on a schedule and keeps your list clean. And that’s what’s most important because, as we’ve talked about all month, inactive subscribers hurt your metrics, deliverability, and your pocketbook.

Sending one email and then removing those who don’t take action from that one email is definitely a tried and true simple strategy.

But stay tuned, because in this video I’m going to show you three advanced win-back email campaign strategies (one is my “Go Big or Go Home” campaign, buckle up!)

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