We are already in December, what happened to the year? If you are like me, you are channeling Alexander Hamilton (the musical) when you say, “There’s a million things I haven’t done.”

But just you wait... because I have a great tool to help you get stuff done before the end of the year.

If you’re like most solopreneurs and entrepreneurs that I work with, you’ve got a huge list of tasks that stay perpetually on the back burner. You know, like fixing the filing system, or doing something with that piece of software that you put up with every month, doing the 10 extra steps rather than just paying for a new version or getting a new program altogether.

Now is a great time to get ready for the new year by doing a business audit so that these things can be addressed without going a whole year of not acting on them. This is where you’ll evaluate sections in your business to see what is working, what isn’t working, what makes sense to keep and ask yourself if it’s still in line with your goals, plans, and initiatives.

In this short video, I give you some examples of where you can start and what I look at when doing my own annual business audit.

The freebie for this Sunday is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO CLOSE OUT THE YEAR:

Grab the Annual Audit Checklist so you can work through this system to see what worked, what didn’t, what makes sense to keep before you start off the new year.

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Now I’d love to hear from you. Do you have a favorite system that I can add to this list for next year?

Post it below! I’d love to hear about your “End of Year” can’t-do-without system and your comments give me life 🙂