Be More Productive

Social Media Scheduling

Edgar is the social media queue that never runs out because it creates a database of your posts. I set up the calendar, categories, then it sends items out according to my schedule. Let me repeat, it never runs out. With other programs you have to keep uploading posts every few months or so, queue them up, then remember what you loaded and when. With Edgar you don’t have that problem. I’ve never loved a program so much in my life and recommend this program wherever I go 😉

Hootsuite is a social media platform that publishes your content, manages your social profiles, and promotes your brand. Create keyword search streams to track mentions, respond to customers, and nurture leads.

Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer shares your content, schedules  your posts, and monitor your social media accounts.

Team and Client Communication

Asana is one of the best collaboration and productivity apps for teams you’ll find and it’s free. This web-based team collaboration service specializes specifically in workflow management, but it also handles the nitty-gritty of task management with ease. Business owners with teams can use it to keep track of the daily to-dos of projects – it has space to separate out the projects, tasks, assignments, due dates, notifications. It really has it all and I love working with it. Here is a two-minute Asana demo.

Basecamp is everything you need to pull people together to work on projects or with clients. Every team needs a way to divvy up work, hash things out quickly, make big announcements, keep discussions on-topic, store and organize key files and assets, lay out milestones and deadlines, and have regular check-ins to make sure everything’s all right. I think this is a great program for large teams; this is what we use for IVAA’s day to day activities as well as manage volunteers and projects.

Online File Storage & File Sharing

Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. There are different levels, such as personal, business, and enterprise accounts. I use this program as a file sharing program between me and my clients. It provides a way of sharing files securely as well as having a backup.

Backup & Security

Mozy protects my data by backing it up to the cloud. Copying data to another hard drive isn’t enough these days  what if there was a natural disaster or a burglary? Backing up data to the cloud should be part of your contingency plan!

BackupBuddy – The plugin is the best way to back up (and move) a WordPress site. It allows for scheduling, offsite storage, and it can do database or full backups.

Sucuri is a website and blog security monitoring service. This service has saved me and my clients tons of downtime and headaches. Once you get an alert that your system has been hacked, you send the alert to them and they take care of it.

Other Time Saving Tools

Sync2CRM (formerly SyncSumo) combines the power of Facebook advertising and Infusionsoft to grow your business automatically by syncing CRM data with custom audiences every 3 hours.

TimeTrade lets you easily schedule appointments online. Adding an online calendar can turn even a basic website into a powerful sales tool that works 24/7. TimeTrade is my favorite of the options available and what I use.