I saw this tweet on my friend’s Facebook page the other day and it prompted me to think about all the ways clients and customers engage with us.

While this is a fun question for some to answer, my mind went straight to processes! A very important component of any sales strategy is client and/or customer engagement. It’s important that clients and/or customers have a variety of ways to engage with you. There are many channels today that open engagement opportunities – such as social media, email, blog post comments, customer relationship management systems, and more. The trick is to engage with your customers in all the ways you’re able to do it.

Regardless of the system that you use, there is a process that needs to be in place to help move the engagement process forward.

* Set Clear Objectives – When you look at communicating with your audience, it’s important to set objectives for each type of communication. For example, on social media you want people to answer questions, ask questions, comment, like, and share your content. Therefore, choose the type of communication you engage in based on the results you’re hoping to have.

* Segment and Target Clients and Customers – The best way to communicate with your customers is to ensure that they’re segmented so that you can target them appropriately. For example, if one client bought program A and uses service C, they should be on a list of other people like them, or even on two different lists: one for A and one for C. This should be an automatic process within your autoresponder system if you set it up to act based on your clients’ behavior.

* Combine One-to-Many and One-on-One Communication Practices – There are choices on how you communicate with your clients and audience, and you should do both one-on-one and one-to-many. A good example of one-on-one is chatting directly with your customer in a pop-up chat window, the telephone or a direct email. And for the first-line conversations, this is something you can definitely outsource to a client care VA. The way to bring in one-to-many communication is to create VIP clubs and groups; for example, a Facebook Group just for clients who purchased product B.

* Ensure All Content Is Optimized – Any type of content that you create to communicate and engage with your audience should be double-checked to ensure that it represents your brand, is formatted properly for easy consumption, and lastly it can contain SEO components to make sure it’s found.

* Be Disciplined to Act – A lot of business owners let customer engagement go downhill because they’re so busy doing other things. If you find any aspect of engagement being put on the back burner, it’s time to hire and outsource to ensure that nothing falls through the crack, because this is an essential component of your value proposition.

* Get the Support of All Stakeholders – Within any business – online or offline or small or big – you need to surround yourself with support. You also want everyone on the same page. Ensure that you put your customer engagement process into writing so that everyone involved understands your goals and objectives.

* Listen – When you’re engaging with clients or customers, no matter which process you set up, one of the things that must be stressed is to always listen to your audience closely. When you ask an open-ended question, be quiet until the person is done talking. It’s okay for there to be some silence. Let them say their piece. The answer may be in their words.

* Always Follow Up – Finally, no engagement process is complete without the ability to follow up. Make your systems work easily to encourage following up. Set up autoresponders that follow up automatically, asking a customer to share what they think of your product or service they’ve been enjoying for two weeks. This is going to go far in helping keep clients on board, thus increasing the lifetime value of each customer.

I know it was just a question on Facebook, but this is what sends me down a rabbit hole lol! If you are feeling overwhelmed by something small and simple, there’s a process for it!

Client and customer engagement is a super important component of your sales strategy, because this is where you’ll build relationships and make people feel as if they know you. Once they feel as if they know you, they’ll start to like and trust you to always deliver excellence.

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