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If your day-to-day consists of dealing with technology issues, checking in with your team only to learn they are waiting on YOU, and feeling pretty much overwhelmed all the time… imagine what it would be like to feel calm, empowered, and in complete control of your business.

It’s possible and you can do it.

DSC_3698This is what I do all day long for my clients. I get them from chaotic to calm. From embarrassed to empowered!

I use a holistic marketing approach specializing in working with coaches, consultants, solopreneurs, and other conscious entrepreneurs. I can help you with automating systems and processes, marketing implementation, and streamlining your business so you can make a bigger impact.

I’ve been working with online business owners since 2005, guiding them to work more effectively with their team, strategize what technology platforms are the best for what they want to accomplish, and coming up with a winning marketing strategy that makes them feel authentic and empowered.

I’ve been trained and coached by industry leaders including Fabienne Fredrickson, George Kao, Christine Kane, Carrie Wilkerson, and Ryan Deiss (as a Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist). Sometimes I have more coaches than clients lol!

When it comes to operations and systems, this includes everything from sales and marketing to internal operations and client intake, look at any successful business and I guarantee they aren’t ‘winging it.’ At some point, no matter how small or large your business is, you need to have effective systems in place in order to support your business growth. I can help you save time and make smarter decisions by keeping your customer information ready to use, your marketing data clear and compelling, and your internal operations processes easy to find, follow and optimize.

Find Business Freedom with Consulting Service Packages

I offer private consulting packages which are great for those who want a tailored program and move from people-dependent to systems-dependent – Hello Business Freedom! I provide you with tons of support with my expertise as we work together to help you attract more clients, work less, and create a business that runs without you so that you can have more freedom!  We will work together to identify your goals, map out your marketing action plan, lay the foundations of your systems, and get you the freedom you crave and have earned!  Packages start at $2,500.

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