Rates & Packages

If your day-to-day consists of dealing with technology issues, checking in with your team only to learn they are waiting on YOU, and feeling pretty much overwhelmed all the time… imagine what it would be like to feel calm, empowered, and in complete control of your business.

If you’re an online business owner, coach, consultant, creative, service provider, or panda bear who needs to add some structure to her business, and trust me on this, you DO need it if you want to have a ‘real’ business and not just a hobby – I can help you with that. (Why would a panda bear need help? Because panda bears are shitty at automation.) Quite simply, I can help you automate, systemize – Automize! – (I think I just created a new word!) so that your business runs smoothly and you have time to finally take a shower without stopping mid-way to check your phone.

My roster of clients includes Carrie Wilkerson, Paul Evans, Nicole Dean, Melissa Ingold, Jenny Flintoft, and many others (a little name-dropping never hurt no one).  But you don’t have to be internet-famous to work with me.

Freedom Finder Power Hour


This is laser-focused on improving your specific issue. You will gain instant insights and clarity on what your next steps should be. This power hour is great for you if you:

  • are a service provider and want to uplevel or need some clarity
  • are trying to figure out your marketing strategy and no idea where to start
  • need to brainstorm, get the juices flowing, so you can get back to your unique brilliance
  • want to “pick my brain”

Business Freedom Guide


My self-paced online program is the perfect option for those who crave more structure, scalability, profitability, and want more freedom from their ‘day to day’.

  • 13 systems that cover marketing and relationship systems, client onboarding and management, creating products, pricing and sales, and internal operations and team management.
  • Bonuses include Financial and Payment Systems for the Solopreneur, Standard Operations Procedures Hub, and more!

The SystemsSync™ Action Plan


Stop trying to do it all yourself! I can help you streamline your systems & automate your workflow to attract your ideal clients.

It’s time to truly come up with a strategic approach to systemize your business so you can have the business you’ve dreamed about. We will work together to identify actionable steps to fill the systems gaps, business opportunities you could improve, and you’ll walk away with a Strategic Systems Profit Plan.

Systems & Marketing Consulting / Infusionsoft Packages

In addition to my online training and one-off services, I am an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and offer Infusionsoft sales and kickstarts and private consulting packages. I can guarantee that you’ll move from people-dependent to systems-dependent as I give you tons of support with my expertise to help you attract more clients, work less, and create a business that runs without you, even if you’re a one-woman (or man) show.

Hello Business Freedom! All you need to do is click below to schedule a Clarity Call so we can discuss your projects, your business, and what you want to achieve.

Rates & Packages June 18, 2017