What’s better than the copy-and-paste ease of a documented process? One that runs itself.

With automation and productivity tools, shopping carts, and member sites, making sales and delivering your programs and services will take almost no time at all —  as long as you set them up with scale in mind from the start.

As your business grows, you will scale processes and operations to fit that growth, as well as your business budget and outsourcing needs. You need to build this in from the beginning. You need to know where you are going, as well as where you are now, so that you can plan for it.

In this quick video, I show you some classic mistakes business owners make when it comes to scaling options, productivity apps and software that will improve your workflows, and you’ll discover a different way of thinking about what you can “eliminate” while helping your business at the same time.

Resources mentioned in the video

  • Zapier to connect your apps and automate your workflows
  • IFTTT to get all your apps and devices talking to each other
  • MeetEdgar is what I use as my social media scheduler
  • Creately to create diagrams, mind-maps, and flowcharts that your team can be invited to contribute

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