Don’t get me wrong, there are many MANY benefits to using social media for your business. But I’ve been contemplating deleting my social media accounts, or most of them anyway, and getting back to my pre-technology roots.

In this video, I talk about FOMO, why I may ditch social media, and the questions I’ll ask myself going forward.

Like I say in my video, I am probably doing LinkedIn wrong. So my friend, Sarah Santacroce, LinkedIn Consultant & Strategist has a great resource that can help. She says that LinkedIn has changed a lot in the recent years and has developed into a much more social platform where entrepreneurs like you engage and get clients.

She says it’s all about “Humanizing LinkedIn.” ͛Using it like a Human, not a business or a corporation.

She has put together a 10-tip video series that will help you look at your engagement on LinkedIn so that you can build your brand and get clients on this platform. She’s making this available for FREE at the link below: