Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are the super clear step by step details for how to do something the way you need it done for your business. They help you and your team carry out processes, operations, and tasks. They improve efficiency and uniformity while cutting down on miscommunication and having things fall through the cracks.

Not only that, but SOPs will save you time if you are one who doesn’t have any organizational skills to talk of and spend too much time recreating the wheel. They give you freedom because now you can delegate! And finally, they will save your sanity because should you decide to take a week off, your business can run without you.

If you have been running your business up to this point relying on your memory with no SOPs to speak of in order to get things done, things will eventually fall through the cracks. I promise.

In this video, I break it all down step by step by giving you a 2-step process to getting started.

Recording Resources Mentioned In the Video

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