#48: Systems to Scale Your Business – Kill Your Darlings

There’s a famous quote attributed to Stephen King, who was actually quoting writer William Faulkner: “Kill all your darlings”. What he was referring to was those pieces of prose that writers cling to tightly and are especially proud of – even if they don’t move the story forward.

Thus it is with your existing offers, products, content and packages. We might be really proud of them – after all, a lot of sweat and passion went into them – but if they no longer fit your business brand and goals, they need to go. Tighten your product line, so that each package or product enhances the other, and all move your clients and customers towards that one major goal you’ve identified, or help them eliminate their biggest immediate pain point.

You might think that giving your clients a choice of multiple programs makes it easier to scale, but the opposite is actually true.

In this quick video, I provide some questions to ask yourself as you examine if you should kill some darlings and what to do if you feel some are worth saving.

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