One of the best things you can do as a business owner is to realize that your customers are the reason that you’re in business. Every business owner starts their business with a certain customer base in mind that they want to serve. It doesn’t matter whether you have a bricks and mortar business or an online business; your job is to provide value to the customer. When you focus on that, you’ll naturally make your customers feel special.

* Notice Long-Term Customers – So often you’ll see sales for new customers and not anything for loyal long-term customers. You know it’s true. Even the cable company does this. If a current customer sees an advertisement for new customers giving them more than 50 percent off, it can be discouraging and encourages company hopping. If you want happy long-term customers, offer them specials too.

* Send Personalized Messages – Using your email autoresponder software, you can personalize even generic thank you messages so that it helps make the message mean more to the recipient. You can also take a moment to add information from a call, or from your knowledge of the customer to make them feel super-special.

* Thank Customers Publicly – If you have a particularly extraordinary customer, you can highlight them on social media. Mention them, mention how awesome they are, what they do and whatever they’re comfortable with.

* Under Promise and Over Deliver – You actually don’t want to go too far with this, but you do want to continuously wow your customer. The truth is, the bar hasn’t been set that high. If you at least deliver on your promises, your customers will be thrilled because many businesses fall short in the customer relations department.

* Genuinely Interact with Them – Don’t just talk at your customers; talk with them. Depending on your niche you can host regular Q & A live sessions on Facebook Live or via depending your preference. You can even go live on YouTube Live.

* Listen More Than You Talk – So many people make the mistake of thinking they already know what a customer wants. But they don’t. Listen to what they say, especially if they have a complaint, and try to understand where they are coming from. Often, they’ll even give you just the right solution for the problem.

* Communicate Regularly – One of the best ways to make your audience feel special is to communicate regularly with them. If you are a service provider this is simple, because you probably don’t have that many clients. Send notes, holiday cards, birthday cards, thank you notes for referrals and more. If you have a larger client base, you can use a card service like SendOutCards or Cardstore.

In today’s consumer-centric environment, nothing is more important than providing what’s expected, and then some. So many companies today fall short on customer service. If you really want to make your customers feel special, just be good to them. Provide value to them. After all, without them, you would not be where you are.

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