Did you know that you have an online reputation? Try doing a Google Search on yourself; what comes up? Is it what you thought? Nothing? Or, is there something there that you’d rather not be there? If you’ve been just letting information rack up about you without even thinking about what you’re putting out there, you could be in for a shock. But, it’s okay. Whether you find what you want or nothing at all, you can fix this problem.

* Create Your Own Buzz – Anytime you’re mentioned anywhere, share it. If you publish a blog post, share it. If you get mentioned by someone else, share it. If someone even tweets about you, share it. The more you share the buzz that’s already happening, the more it will be effective in managing your online reputation.

* Saturate the Net with Your Story – The more you can get the word out about what you’re doing in a positive manner, the better. Ask for testimonials from your satisfied customers, make videos about your story, ask customers to make videos, and share them all far and wide.

* Send Out Press Releases – When you do something newsworthy, send out a press release. Not only are press releases usually searchable online, they also add to the good news that your business does good things. Plus, often local news reporters have slow news days and might choose to feature you if you’re interesting enough.

* Blog As Often As You Can – While you don’t want to post blogs that say nothing just to post something, you should blog and tell your story often so that your blogs get attention. Plus, even if they don’t get attention they will help with search results on your name, business, and products.

* Guest Post on Authoritative Blogs – Guest posting is still a good thing to do, but do it carefully and strategically. Post only on blogs with rankings matching or higher than yours, and that you know are honest and serve your audience. Create a totally unique blog post that you won’t post elsewhere and a unique landing page for visitors from that blog.

* Write a Book – Becoming an author is a great way to get amazing buzz. You can do an entire round of posts, articles, interviews and more based off one published book. If you publish more you can do it all over again.

* Get Interviewed – One of the best ways to create buzz is to try to get interviewed as often as you can via online podcasts, YouTube shows, Blog Talk Radio, webinars and others. The more you can tell your story, the more that story will cover what you don’t want out there. Plus, if you found nothing when you searched on yourself, you need to ensure that you get the story out there so that people can find you.

* Monitor and Respond to the Buzz – Set up Google alerts not only on your name but also on the topics you often talk about and your products and services. When your name or a service you provide is mentioned at all, go to that posts or article, read it, then respond to it in a positive way.

You can manage your online reputation by simply being there. Get the alerts. Follow up. Tell your story. It’s truly that easy.

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