This month I’m doing Q&A and you’ve probably said this a time or two (or ten), “My inbox is INSANE, how can I get it back under control?”

I often hear from business owners that email is very powerful but can feel very VERY overwhelming – almost like an addiction they just can’t kick.  I also hear words like time-suck, productivity-killer, and low-value work.

And when you look at how much time you spend doing that time-sucking, productivity-killing, and reactive low-value work, it can be downright depressing. You’ve got better things to do!

I’m not talking about getting to inbox zero because that’s usually not an attainable goal for most of us, and really, who cares about inbox zero? But I am going to give you some simple ideas on how to make it WAY more manageable.

If you feel like some days there’s no way to get ahead and you want to break free from your email, this quick video is for you.



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