This month the theme was outsourcing. We went over what to outsource when you’re just starting out, 3 ways to outsource your customer service, and how to outsource your social media the right way. This week we will simply focus on outsourcing to a virtual assistant – why, who, how, and what.

You may be surprised at what virtual assistants can do for your business and all the ways they can take things off your plate. If you think there are areas that you cannot possibly outsource, you may be surprised.

In fact, there are only three areas that I recommend you shouldn’t delegate:

The main one is your marketing strategy. You need to be in charge of your long-term goals and the measures you take to achieve them. It all needs to be thought out by you.

Relationship building also can’t be done by machines. With social media and other online marketing channels, it’s as important as ever to be real with your customers. Automated responses and replies are off-putting.

Fundamentally, content creation should not be automated. It needs to be fresh and original. The same goes for content curation. There are software programs that find content for you but you should always look at the content yourself before sharing with your readers to make sure it’s relevant to them.

Everything else is on the table. Watch the video and don’t forget to sign up for the free bonus download, you’ll get a ton of ideas!

This week’s downloadable is “75 Ways to Save You Money and Give You Your Time Back.”

This downloadable lists 75 tasks that you can give to your virtual assistant – everything from revenue streams management to marketing implementation. It will definitely give you some ideas of what can be outsourced so that you can make delegation a big part of your business this year.

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