February’s theme is “Follow Up and Follow Through” and we are kicking it off with Prospect Engagement – Do This Instead of Following Up.

I know you’ve heard this a million times – the magic is in the follow-up. Yet less than half of business owners follow up with prospects. LESS THAN HALF!

Marketing, networking, creating your ideal client profile, all of that is great, but it only goes so far and not worth a whole lot if you don’t have that sales conversation.

The reasons why people don’t follow up are many: don’t want to seem pushy, don’t feel like they are wired to follow up as though it’s not a natural thing, hate selling, afraid of being turned down or rejected, afraid to talk about money, or they simply forget. Why do they forget? Because they don’t have a system!

In this video, I talk about this and give you a simple, comfortable way to follow up without “following up.”

Tell me below how many people you thought of using your mental Rolodex, did you reach out, how did it go?

I can’t wait to hear about it!