Keeping with our theme this month of building and maintaining a clean email list, we’ve already covered a lot this month:

We also talked a lot about changing up your best practices so that you increase your chances of reaching the right people with your email marketing.

Today’s topic is setting up systems to identify inactive and unengaged subscribers and then I’ll show you how to remove them in Infusionsoft.

One thing to keep in mind is that we are never done building our list. We never get to a magic number and say, “Well, good thing that’s over with.” As long as we remain in business, we will need to build our list and that also means we need to keep it clean by pruning it or scrubbing it, whatever the term is. So it’s not a bad thing, it’s a business thing.

Many online marketers have a simple system in which once per month they check their email list and remove invalid emails, opt-outs, hard bounces, and then stop there. If that’s you and you still have underwhelming open rates and low sales, the problem may be inactive subscribers.

Simply put, inactive and unengaged subscribers are those accounts on your list that are valid but they aren’t opening your emails, they aren’t clicking on links in an email, they aren’t signing up via a web form.

There are two main reasons why you’d want to remove these accounts, 1) you are saving yourself from future spam complaints and 2), it looks bad to email providers if recipients don’t even want to read your emails.

I’m going to share a very simple system that anyone can apply to their business on how to identify inactive and unengaged subscribers and what you can do – you don’t just have to delete them!