Content Auditor WordPress Plugin

Content Auditor WordPress Plugin


Content Auditor Plugin + Developer License

Stop wasting precious time searching for key content. Click a button and download an informative report instantly. It’s easy with Content Auditor.

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Includes plugin with FULL developer license and Installation & User guide.

[YES] Use On Unlimited Sites That You Own
[YES] Use On Unlimited Client Sites
[YES] Use On Unlimited Sites That You Sell/Flip
[YES] Includes Automatic Updates
[NO] Technical Support Provided (Plugin is sold “as is”)



We all know that blog posts are a critical part of any well-rounded marketing plan. You write and publish posts to help:

  • Promote your latest product launch
  • Educate your market
  • Cover a controversial topic
  • Demonstrate a new strategy
  • Provide a case study
  • And for a host of other reasons

Whatever your reasons for creating blog content, one thing is certain: it works.

New readers find your site via your blog. Fans share your posts and help drive sales. Increased page views mean more advertising dollars.

But even with all those benefits, there’s still a fundamental failure that faces bloggers.

All That Great Content Is Easily Lost In The Chaos Of Your WordPress Dashboard

It’s true.

That epic blog post you published last year is chock full of fantastic info you want to reference or share, but where the heck is it?

If you’re like most WordPress users, sorting and finding those older posts is a hassle. That’s simply the nature of blogging, and it’s bad for business. Not only is it inefficient to spend time searching your dashboard for that great post you *know* you wrote, but it’s bad for social sharing as well.

After all, you can’t share what you can’t find!

Not only that, but unless you’re continually monitoring your social feeds (and who has time for that) there’s no good way inside WordPress to…

Know What Resonates Your Ideal Audience!

Your top posts are shared and shared again. They speak to your audience and encourage readers to “like” and share.

And yet, there’s no good way for you to know what posts really hit a home run, and which ones…well, don’t.

Sure, you can look back at every post and check those share numbers, but that’s a huge waste of time–especially if you’ve been blogging for a while.

What you need is a way to:

Export, Sort & Organize All The Content On Your Site…In One Simple Spreadsheet!

This brand new WordPress plugin has one simple job: to export a list of posts and pages so you can find (and use) exactly what you’re looking for, without wasting time scrolling through endless lists in your dashboard.

But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this plugin. It’s a powerful tool you can use to:

  • Sort all your content by category–useful when creating a training course or writing a book.
  • Find your most popular content–which posts generated the most shares on Facebook or Google+? You’ll know in an instant.
  • Discover underused keywords–include Yoast SEO data in your export and know at a glance which keywords you write about most (or least).
  • Analyze author results–does one of your bloggers consistently have better results? Now you’ll know.
  • Identify posts for better SEO–sort your export by Yoast’s content score and instantly create a list of content to target with an SEO campaign.
  • Develop a solid posting schedule–take a good look at your publishing history by date to identify areas for improvement.
  • Promote your best content consistently–add your most popular content to Meet Edgar to drive more traffic.

With all those benefits, you might think that Content Auditor would be difficult to use, but you could not be further from the truth. You’ll have this easy-to-install plugin working in seconds, with…

  • One-click upload and installation with the familiar WordPress plugin dashboard.
  • Simple, 3-step configuration–no code to write or confusing settings to decipher.
  • Intuitive choices for your export–choose exactly what you want to see, and nothing extra.

Not only that, but the fully customizable export allows you to design a report that works for you every time, with options to include…

  • Posts or pages so you’re not limited to only your blog–great for sites with sales or services pages.
  • Categories and tags–quickly find out how your content is organized, and which tags and categories are most used…and most popular.
  • Facebook and Google+ numbers–know at a glance which posts and pages have the most traction on social media.
  • Draft, published, and even private content–those half-finished posts contain gold, but only if you can find them!
  • Author IDs–know who your most prolific bloggers are instantly.
  • Yoast SEO meta descriptions–perfect for crafting social media updates!
  • Publication dates–export only posts that meet your date parameters to instantly find old or new content.

Managing your blog content takes time. You have to know what’s working for you, what resonates with your audience, who your top writers are, and more.

And finding that information within your dashboard is inefficient at best…and a real time-suck at worst.

Stop fighting with outdated tools and difficult-to-use interfaces, and instead download just the information you need…instantly!

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