Crowdfund It WordPress Plugin

Crowdfund It WordPress Plugin


Crowdfund It Plugin + Developer License

You are just a few clicks away from funding your dream projects–and you don't have to pay extra fees to sites like Kickstarter to do it!

Read below for a full description.

Includes plugin with FULL developer license and Installation & User guide.

[YES] Use On Unlimited Sites That You Own
[YES] Use On Unlimited Client Sites
[YES] Use On Unlimited Sites That You Sell/Flip
[YES] Includes Automatic Updates
[NO] Technical Support Provided (Plugin is sold “as is”)



How many great ideas have you let get away due to a lack of funding?

As a blogger or small business owner, you very likely have notebooks full of ideas and prototypes and “someday” projects you’d like to explore.

Maybe it’s that gorgeous journal you designed. Or the motivational card deck that could help so many of your readers. Or that killer software that will revolutionize how webinars are managed.

What’s holding you back? It’s not just time. The real question is…

Where Can You Find The Capital You Need For Design & Development?

Most people don’t have a few thousand dollars laying around, looking for a project.

Printing costs are huge, and even a few dozen books can easily cost thousands. Software development costs can spiral out of control.

The entrepreneurial world is littered with abandoned projects…not because the idea isn’t worthy of public view, but simply because the would-be business owner lacks the money to see it through.

Imagine how many amazing, helpful, and genuinely revolutionary products never see the light of day for lack of a few hundred dollars.

Not only that, but…

How Can You Gauge Interest For Your Idea Before You Invest Your Time & Money?

That’s the real kicker, isn’t it?

What if that amazing idea is only amazing to you? What if you spend the time and money and mental energy to bring a new project to market, only to find your market doesn’t want it?

If that thought keeps you up at night (and it should) then crowdfunding your project before you start is the answer. By asking people to pledge their support ahead of time you can accurately gauge interest and have the money on hand to see it through.

The only question is, how do you pull that off? Enter the wildly popular 3rd party sites that will…

Help You Raise Funds And Gauge Interest… For A Fee

Kickstarter has built a multi-billion dollar business around helping entrepreneurs raise the money they need. You’ve likely seen–and maybe even helped to fund–their campaigns.

Some of them are wildly popular, such as the “Exploding Kittens” card game that raised more than $8 million for popular cartoonist The Oatmeal. Some less so, but still earn enough to see a project through to completion.

And all of them pay the Kickstarter team 5% off all earnings. That’s in addition to the fees paid to the payment processor (another 2.9% – 4%).

It’s a pretty good gig for Kickstarter, but for the project owner, it’s just another cost, and more money they can’t put into design and development.

But now you can…

Raise Money For Your Project Without Paying Crazy Fees!

Introducing your very own crowdfunding app that you install and control, making it easy to fund your projects and ensure a crowd of happy buyers before you invest a single penny.

With this easy addition to your WordPress website, you’ll quickly set up and run your own campaigns, and you won’t have to share your earnings with anyone but your payment processor. That’s a huge savings for you, and more money you can spend on development.

It has everything you need, including…

  • Quick and easy one-click install–no need to hire a tech to get started
  • Unlimited campaigns so you can fund all your project ideas
  • Easy PayPal connection–simply create your “app” using the included instructions, and your backers won’t be charged until your campaign is fully funded
  • Multiple funding variations–allow your buyers to choose their level of support
  • Easy editing thanks to the familiar WordPress post editing interface
  • No additional fees–you pay only the standard PayPal fees, nothing extra to eat into your profits
  • Beautiful formatting–include photos, screenshots, bullet points and more in all your campaigns (without knowing HTML)
  • MailChimp integration–automatically add your backers to your mailing list to keep them updated on your progress
  • Sandbox testing–not ready to go live? Test your set up with PayPal’s sandbox option
  • Support for multiple currencies–just choose your currency symbol and your PayPal account takes care of the rest
  • Built-in tracking–know at a glance how many backers you have, and how close you are to being fully funded

The Crowdfund It plugin for WordPress makes it easy to raise money for all your pet projects, without paying fees to 3rd party sites. It gives you all the flexibility you need, including multiple campaigns and variations, beautiful formatting, and PayPal integration, with none of the rules and regulations you’ll find on other sites.

After all, it’s your campaign, shouldn’t you have complete control? Stop letting your great ideas waste away in a “someday” folder, and start building the business you’ve been waiting for. It’s easy when you Crowdfund It!

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