Google Hangouts Planner

Google Hangouts Planner


I know many of us are in tech overwhelm these days…

  • What platform to use?
  • Should I use a free program or purchase a subscription service?
  • Which one is best?

If you are looking for a free platform to do your telesummit, group coaching, record a screenshare, record yourself, or launch a webinar then look no further! Google Hangouts is a great choice – free, stable, and flexible.


Whether you’re conducting a cozy group coaching or a major launch using a webinar, Google Hangouts has made it super easy and it’s free. This step-by-step 20-page planner gets you started using this handy tool.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Step 1: Determine Your Goals
    • Exercise: Primary Goal for Your Hangout
    • Exercise: Your Hangout’s Format
  • Step 2: Schedule Your Events
    • Exercise: Task Calendar
  • Step 3: Plan Your Content
    • Exercise: Content Planner
  • Step 4: Invite Your Guests
    • Exercise: Purpose and Format
    • Exercise: Proposed Schedule
    • Exercise: Guest’s Benefits
    • Exercise: Guest Tracker
  • Step 5: Promote Your Events
    • Exercise: Promotional Calendar
  • Step 6: Cash In By Following Up and Repurposing
    • Exercise: Sales Funnel Worksheet
    • Exercise: Repurposing Checklist

I also provide a “behind the scenes” tech tour that shows you how to integrate multiple platforms and what it looked like when I used Google Hangouts for one of my launches.