Great Fonts Premium WordPress Plugin

Great Fonts Premium WordPress Plugin


Great Fonts Wordpress Plugin + Developer License

Take advantage of Google Webfonts on your posts and pages.

Read below for a full description.

Includes plugin with FULL developer license and Installation & User guide.

[YES] Use On Unlimited Sites That You Own
[YES] Use On Unlimited Client Sites
[YES] Use On Unlimited Sites That You Sell/Flip
[YES] Includes Automatic Updates
[NO] Technical Support Provided (Plugin is sold “as is”)



Have you ever looked at your finished blog post – the one you spent hours writing and formatting – and thought…meh?

It seems like no matter how beautiful the images are that you choose, or how carefully you use headings and text styling, you’re still left with a post that looks just like every other post on your site.

With the limitations of CSS and “web safe” fonts, it can be hard to make pages and posts stand out, regardless of what you do.

Until now…

Introducing Great Fonts

This amazing plugin lets you take advantage of Google Fonts like never before. This plugin allows you to:

  • Use any Google font – no HTML or CSS required
  • Use your font anywhere – no more being restricted to what you can hand code
  • Pretty it up even more – with built-in styles you won’t find elsewhere

Plus, because it’s built for WordPress, you know it’s:

  • Easy to install – just upload via your plugin dashboard
  • Painless to configure – step-by-step directions make it simple
  • Quick to use – with an easy access button right on your post editing screen

If that were all this plugin did, it would still find a home on every blogger’s favorites list. But take a look at all the options available to you, and I think you’ll agree Great Fonts is a “must have” plugin.

  • One-click access to hundreds of fonts
  • Simple, point-and-click formatting in any post or page
  • Seamlessly integrated with WordPress‘ own editor for added control over colors and sizes
  • 10 custom styles to instantly add pizzazz to any text
  • True WYSIWYG capabilities – you’ll see your chosen font right in the post editing screen, unlike some other plugins
  • No crazy shortcodes or complicated HTML syntax to learn
  • Complete user guide to walk you through the process of connecting to Google’s font server – just a few steps, and you only have to do it once to use every font in their database!
  • Use multiple fonts on a single page – let your creativity flow!
  • Works for every user – regardless of operating system or browser.

Watch How the Plugin Works: