Heart-Felt Strategies to Engage and Connect with Your Tribe

Heart-Felt Strategies to Engage and Connect with Your Tribe


Complete Kit: 6 Heart-Felt Strategies to Engage and Connect with Your Tribe


So who is your tribe?

The simple answer: They are kindred spirits. They are the social group with whom you most feel you belong and who you find it easiest and most rewarding to help.

What the relationship marketing proponents often don’t mention is that you can feel this way with and about more than one group. For example, your church group, your Friday Night quilting group, your friends, your Facebook “CrossFit Fitties” group—any group that shares a common passion and common goals deep enough to bond over.

But you will find the deepest meaning and inspiration in the tribe that not only shares a common interest or passion, but that also shares your values and fuels your life’s purpose. That is the tribe you need to concentrate on working with and for, for maximum satisfaction and natural, enjoyable engagement.

But where to find them?

In this complete kit, you’ll discover how, when, and where to connect using popular platforms and methods that provide natural meeting grounds.

What you Get with Your Kit:

  • 21 Page Guide giving you 6 methods
  • “21 Idea Blueprint” giving you twenty-one ideas for helping your connect and engage to your tribe
  • 4 Week done-for-you calendar
  • Comprehensive Checklist
  • Resource Directory – Knowing what resources to use can help short-cut learning or installation processes and fast-track you to where you want to be with new social platforms and strategies, so you have more time to engage.
  • Worksheet – Use this Worksheet to set yourself up toward taking steps to connect and engage.