Hilite and Share WordPress Plugin

Hilite and Share WordPress Plugin


Hilite and Share Plugin + Developer License

Encourage sharing of your content, pull quotes, and posts. Put your social calls to action front and center with Hilite & Share, the easy way to create compelling pull quotes readers will love to share.

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Includes plugin with FULL developer license and Installation & User guide.

[YES] Use On Unlimited Sites That You Own
[YES] Use On Unlimited Client Sites
[YES] Use On Unlimited Sites That You Sell/Flip
[YES] Includes Automatic Updates
[NO] Technical Support Provided (Plugin is sold “as is”)



The competition is heating up. Seems like even those niches that were once wide open now are struggling to attract–and keep–readers. Visitors pop onto your site, and just as quickly leave, most times without so much as clicking a link.

Google isn’t helping, of course.

Algorithm changes in the past several years have destroyed some sites, leaving them languishing on page 7 of the search results (or worse). No longer can you get away with a few keywords and some backlinks.

Now they want social proof. And that means lots of people sharing and talking about your content. But getting your visitors–the ones who pop in and out so fast you hardly notice them–to share your latest post is a challenge.

“I already have social sharing buttons on my site…”

Of course you do. Everyone does. Everyone.

That’s part of the reason why they no longer work as well as they once did. Just like with Google ads, we become blind to social sharing buttons. It doesn’t matter if they float on the site of your post, hang out at the bottom, or are in your face at the top of every page. They simply don’t get clicked.

Here’s another problem with those social sharing buttons: even if your readers do click them, they have to add their own update. Because without a few words of introduction, that link they’re posting is, well, kinda spammy.

Now you’re asking them to take two actions–click a link and write something compelling. No one has time for that.

You need to…

Make It Dead-Simple Easy

Here’s why services such as Click to Tweet work. Because all your reader has to do is click a link, and a new window opens and viola! She’s tweeting out your post.

You’ve made it super easy…for her.

Not so much for you. Before she can Tweet your post, you first have to…

  • Choose what you want her to share about your post (no room for her opinion here)
  • Log into Click-to-Tweet (but first you have to create an account)
  • Create your special Click-to-Tweet link
  • Go back to your post and add your link
  • And don’t forget to give your reader instructions, otherwise it just looks like another link on your site.

And did I mention that only works for Tweets? If you want her to post to Facebook, you’ll have to trust her to do that all on her own.

Or you could install a plugin that handles everything in one simple setup.

Hilite & Share Gives Your Readers A New & Easy Way To Share Your Best Content

With this new WordPress plugin, you can create compelling “click to share” quotes right from your post editing screen. Not only that, but it gives your readers power to choose her own text from your post as well, so when something grabs her attention or touches a nerve, she can easily spread the word.

Hilite & Share is simply the best way to get your readers to take action and share your links on today’s biggest social media platforms. And because it’s made for WordPress, installation and use is super simple:

  • Low-profile plugin easily uploads through your WordPress dashboard. There are no complex FTP or installation rules to worry about.
  • Because it’s installed right in your website, there’s no need to create (and remember) usernames and passwords for other sites. Everything is handled right from your post editor.
  • Point and click plugin configuration gives you total control over the look and feel of your sharing boxes, including color, font, and more.
  • Full flexibility gives readers the power to simply highlight your text, click a button, and share with the world.
  • Works with both Facebook and Twitter, so there’s no need to use two separate systems.
  • The perfect complement to your current social sharing options. Those who want more control can still post as they please, but for others, you’re giving them all the tools they need to quickly share.
  • Easily integrates with your Twitter and Facebook accounts so you’re up and running fast.
  • Unlimited color choices and 3 styles of quote boxes give you total flexibility to match your site design or make calls-to-action that stand out and grab attention.
  • Use on posts and/or pages.

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