Swipe Book WordPress Plugin

Swipe Book WordPress Plugin


Swipe Book Plugin + Developer License

Add swipe files right into WordPress to make your content creation easy.

Kickstart your post and sales page writing, and stop staring at that blank screen endlessly waiting for inspiration that never comes. Instead, grab one of your proven swipe files and start writing.

Read below for a full description.

Includes plugin with FULL developer license and Installation & User guide.

[YES] Use On Unlimited Sites That You Own
[YES] Use On Unlimited Client Sites
[YES] Use On Unlimited Sites That You Sell/Flip
[YES] Includes Automatic Updates
[NO] Technical Support Provided (Plugin is sold “as is”)



Is there anything worse than staring at a blank screen?

You’re on a deadline. You have a blog post to get out, or a sales page to complete, and yet…nothing.

The words just don’t come. Or worse, you struggle through false start after false start. Write. Delete. Write. Delete.

It’s frustrating! And the time you’ve wasted could be better spent, well, just about anywhere else.

What’s a content marketer with writer’s block to do? Well, you do have some options, but…

Hiring Writers is Costly!

Sure, you could just get someone else to do all your writing for you. That’s what big companies, do, right?

The problem is, for a blogger who needs to create three or five or more posts per week just to stay on top of the search results, or for someone who’s just starting out, hiring writers is expensive. And it’s an expense that you may not see a return on for quite some time.

That’s why some bloggers are turning to reprint or private label content to kickstart the writing progress. But in a world where branding is everything and voice is critical when it comes to making sales, you’ll very quickly realize that…

Reprint Articles Lack Style

Sure, you can use them for “fill in” content when all you want is a quick post to keep your blog active while you’re working on another project. But if you need something people will:

  • Share
  • Comment on
  • Bookmark to read later
  • Take action on (you know, buy something)
  • Or otherwise engage with your content

Then reprint articles are not the way to go. You need something more. Something you wrote. Something that has your unique voice and personality.

And that brings you right back to the blank screen. Ugh!

The Secret Strategy Professional Writers Know and Use

So how do the pros turn out post after post, day after day, without losing their mojo or spending every minute in front of the computer, agonizing over that blank screen?

Simple, they build and use a swipe file.

A swipe file is simply examples of compelling titles, openings, closings, and calls to action that you can quickly use to generate your own content. As you’re reading through other blog posts in your niche and find something that resonates with you, add it to your swipe file. See a great email headline? Add it to your swipe file. Love the call to action on a sales page? Swipe it!

Now of course, you’re not going to simply copy these. Remember, you have to add your own style. But by having the inspiration at your fingertips, it’s suddenly much easier to write nearly anything. No more staring at that blank screen!

The trouble is, up until now, swipe files have been pretty scattered. You might have some in your Evernote account. A few in Google Docs. Maybe some on a Word document.

None of those are where you really need them, in your WordPress editor.

Introducing Swipe Book WordPress Plugin: Swipe Files When And Where You Need Them!

With this clever plugin, you’ll never again suffer from writer’s block caused from that blank screen. With the click of a button, you can add compelling titles, openings and other content right to your post for an instant kickstart.

Best of all, it’s so easy to install and use, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

  • Supports 4 types of swipe files to help you create the most critical parts of any page.
  • Works on posts and pages, so you can write your everyday content or sales pages with ease.
  • Use for titles to craft click-worthy blog subjects that get shared.
  • Add your most common calls to action for easy upsells from any blog post–great for team blogs or for your VA to use.
  • Easy bulk import of your favorite swipes–just import a .txt file and your best swipes will instantly appear on the page.
  • On-screen editing of existing swipes makes it easy to tweak your content–no importing required.
  • No longer using a swipe? Click the delete button for instant clean up.
  • Easy-click buttons in the post and page editor insert your chosen swipes right in your post–no hunting through numerous documents and folders to find just the right one.
  • Have a standard closing? Put it in a swipe file and save all that typing!
  • Use for opening lines to encourage readers to stay on your page.
  • Add unlimited swipes–perfect if you’ve purchased template files or want to include that great list of subject lines you found.
  • Use with a multi-author blog–so you never have to worry about style and voice remaining consistent.

Professional writers know the power of great swipe files. It’s a strategy that copywriters and others have embraced for decades, and if you’re not using them in your writing, you’re probably working too hard.

Install the Swipe Book WordPress plugin and start building your own easy-to-use swipe files today. You’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll save when you don’t have to start from a blank screen every day.

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