Scaling your business to the next level isn’t just a matter of spending more money on your business. In fact, sometimes, it means spending less. Nor is it spending six months in therapy,  building your confidence, or investing thousands in a coach.

The good news about upscaling is that it is just a set of simple processes that any entrepreneur can put in place. That’s what we’re going to do this month, I’ll take you through those steps and if you take the time to implement these steps, any confidence issues will take care of themselves as you see the results and bask in the knowledge that you know exactly where your business is at all times. And you’ll find that people will be attracted to your impressive powerhouse of a business!

Resources mentioned in the video

  • Dropbox – secure file sharing, storage, & collaboration
  • Lastpass and Roboform – remembers all your passwords so you don’t have to
  • Back up Your Business  by Annette Adamska – Detailed, document organizing and contingency planning services for solopreneurs and small business owners

Need help with your Standard Operating Procedures?

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