Ten Things a Social Media Manager Can Do for Your Business

Pretty much any business type can benefit from contracting with a social media manager. It takes a lot of work to properly manage social media so that it pays off for your business. You need to focus on doing the things that make your business money and let someone else worry about social media.  Please note that I distinguish between a social media virtual assistant and a social media manager – a VA is reactive and task-oriented while the social media manager is taking on a much larger role.

The things they can do for you will make it more than worth the cost.

1. Monitor Social Media Accounts – Your social media manager will continually monitor your social media accounts for problems as well as positives. They’ll make suggestions based on the activity they see, and try to spur on more activity through their actions.

2. Moderate and Respond to Your Audience – One thing that makes someone most sought after in social media is whether or not they respond to questions or comments. People really appreciate answers to questions and comments on their issues. It makes them feel important. If your community isn’t very active yet, a social media manager can answer on your behalf.

3. Manage Social Media Partnerships – If you have partnerships with other brands, your social media manager will help you with that and even arrange them for you from A to Z. They can do as much or as little as you need.

4. Create or Post Sharable Videos – Your social media manager can contract with people to make videos, make them themselves, or just post the ones you have made for you and then manage the actions and comments around the video.

5. Create or Post Sharable Images – Your social media manager can contract with people to create infographics, memes and more imagery for you, to help you increase your following and to please the followers you have.

6. Run and Manage Contests – A great way to get buzz going in your community is with a fun contest. But they’re a lot of work, with a lot of rules you have to follow. Your social media manager can handle all of it for you.

7. Manage Contractors – If you have other contractors that are related to social media, they can manage those contractors for you. They can essentially run your social media freely without you doing much of anything.

8. Perfect Your Social Media Profiles – A social media manager will know what people expect from your social media profiles and can improve them for you. If your profiles have the right information in them, you will attract more of your target audience.

9. Plan and Run Ad Campaigns – If you want to run ads on social media, some social media managers specialize in a particular platform and know how to run the best advertisements and what gets results.

10. Tracks Everything – Your social media manager will also track all your metrics and show you important figures so that you know how well you’re doing with all your social media marketing campaigns.

Most social media managers pride themselves on being a profit center for the people they work with. They do much more than just post a few images; they take over and manage the work and make suggestions based on your goals and the type of business you have.