When you begin your online business, no matter if you are a coach, speaker, or run an online store, you will spend a lot of your time handling customer service. This includes everything from responding to questions about a product or a program to processing payments and everything in between.

Solopreneurs or those of us who have small teams, this is a great area to outsource because day to day customer service is something that doesn’t require your expertise to handle.

Other pros are that you may have shorter response times and better customer experience. Think about the times you were out of town at a conference and couldn’t get to your email to respond to something, or someone bought something and couldn’t download their item – something really small – but the customer had to wait a long time until you could give your attention to it. I don’t know about you, but when that was me, I would think about nothing else until I took care of that request.

The cons, of course, are that you may be concerned about the quality of the service because you want someone to treat your customers as you would treat them. And finally, there’s the cost. As far as this being an expense… you should be working on your core business areas such as speaking, coaching, marketing, creating content, and other revenue-producing activities and customer service is NOT producing you revenue. Plus, how much is it worth to you to enjoy your downtime or weekend and not have to worry or stress out about your customers being taken care of?

In this short video, I cover the 3 most popular ways to outsource your customer service.

This week’s downloadable is an FAQ Template Example for Facebook Messenger Bot.

I give you a template for a sample flow if you want to implement messenger bots in your Facebook pages. Check out the bot-building platforms such as ManyChat and Chatfuel (links below) and use this template as a sample flow.

Grab the free FAQ template here.

Resources mentioned in the video: