Finding people who are good at content marketing can sometimes be difficult. You can take several approaches such as looking for “content marketers” on Google or on professionally-oriented social media like LinkedIn. Follow these tips to better understand that sometimes the title is less important than the results of the work.

1. Know What Type of Content You Need – No writer or marketer can be an expert in everything. Therefore, it’s imperative that you understand exactly what type of writing you need before you begin trying to market any content that has been created.

2. Understand Who Your Audience Is – Knowing the audience is important because that helps you to identify the type of content that you need. It is essential to have a clear understanding of your audience and the various segments involved in order to create and market excellent content that gets results.

3. Look for Subject Matter Experts – If you can find subject matter experts to be on your team, even if they’re not the writers, you can use their knowledge to develop excellent content. Most college courses for example are created by a team consisting of a technical writer and a subject matter expert.

4. Find Industry Experts – Use the resources at your fingertips to find industry experts that might be willing to help develop your content strategy and work with your writing team. Without an expert, your content may often be inaccurate or just “keyword” articles that are written for search engines instead of people.

5. Be Willing to Pay a Fair Rate – If you truly want to hire trained content marketing professionals who have experience as well as even college degrees, then you must be willing to pay them a professional and fair rate for the work they will do at the quality level you expect. When it comes to content marketing, you most certainly get what you pay for.

6. Ask Colleagues for Recommendations – Usually, the people you work with and around know people who are expert content marketers that you can trust. Ask for recommendations from these groups. If you’re a member of an industry forum, that’s a great place to ask.

7. Search on LinkedIn – You can find a lot of people who are experts with recommendations right on LinkedIn by doing a search. You may need to join groups and communicate that way at first, unless you can find someone to introduce you.

Working with content marketing experts requires you and them to have knowledge and skill in the industry that you want to market and not just general content marketing and writing skills. Only people on the inside are going to know what will work best for your particular audience.

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