Train Your Customer Service Management Team to Not Put Things Off until Tomorrow

One problem people have with customer service today is that it feels like no one is in a hurry to fix problems when they occur. This causes customers to be very dissatisfied, make complaints, and ultimately leave. Instead, you need to train your customer service management (CSM) team to never put things off until tomorrow unless they have a good reason to do so.

This will result in a better experience for you, your clients and customers, and your team! Not to mention, happier customers and clients mean more revenue.

* Make Customers Your Priority – Train your CSM team that your customers are your priority and that every choice and decision that they make should keep that in mind. When they know that it’s not your bank account that’s the most important thing, and you empower them to act, they will be able to please the customer better. One of my clients, Stacey Martino, made this crystal clear to her team whenever we would onboard a new team member. We all knew that 1) the client or customer comes first, 2) money was not the main issue, and 3) reiterate that the client or customer comes first. And this was reflected in everything we did.

* Fix Problems Quickly – There is a saying, “Why put off things until tomorrow that can be done today.” Let your CSM team know that this is how you feel when it comes to problems your customers face. You want the problems to be solved post haste, and not be put off for any unnecessary reason.

Whenever I respond quickly to a customer service issue, I love to see a reply that says, “thanks for getting back to me so quickly.” I really take pride in that, because I know how I feel when someone responds quickly to me.

* Be Realistic – There are some cases where problems take longer to solve that you’d like, but in these cases it’s important that you’re realistic about it. Keep the lines of communication open with your customer and let them know what’s going on each step of the way so that they don’t feel that you’re taking too long.

A simple, “Thanks for reaching out, I’m working on it and will reply as quickly as I can” will suffice.

* Stick to Your Guarantees – When you make a promise about something, it’s imperative that you stick to it. Let your CSM team read all your sales pages and your promises so that they know what you’ve promised. This will help them know what to expect from customers as well as how to keep them happy.

* Reach Out Periodically – Even when customers aren’t complaining, your CSM team can still reach out to customers after they’ve purchased to ensure that they are happy. They can send surveys to check up on them and then follow up with them individually based on their answers.

* Provide Support to Your Support Team – Your customer service support team needs support too. They need the right tools and authority to act with each customer, based on the needs of that customer. They shouldn’t have to get approval for every decision they make.

When I worked as an operations manager for a business that supplied done-for-you content, a common issue was that someone would inquire about getting archived content because their computer was lost, or a virus wiped out a folder that held all their content, etc. This took the CSM team time to accomplish and ended up costing the business owner a lot of money, so she let us know that we were empowered up to a specific time limit as well as the process for what to do if it would take more time. This cut down on a lot of “what do we do when…” issues.

* Make It Easy – In every single case, always check to see if there is an easier way to do something than you thought. The easier you can make it for your customer service management team, the happier your customers are going to be.

When you empower your CSM team to act quickly and fairly without having to run through a lot of red tape, you’ll please your customers in amazing ways. You’ll even turn angry customers into happy customers when you act fast to solve their problems.