I don’t know one coach, consultant, service provider, or those of us who have an online business, who doesn’t rely on email marketing for the success of their business. So it’s only fitting that you have a clean mail list.

If you’ve ever heard the terms “scrubbing” or “cleaning” a list, basically what is happening is that there is what we call “dirty data” lurking in your database or your list.

Each business will have its own definition of dirty data… this could be incorrect email addresses, fake names, old information, incorrectly formulated results, and so forth.

There are many reasons to clean up your list: better stats, compliance, and removing unneeded accounts so that you don’t have to pay for them. (Believe it or not, most programs count a contact record no matter if you are sending an email or not, in your plan. So if you are getting notices to upgrade your plan, clean your list first, maybe you can hold off for now and save some money.)

In this video, I talk more about dirty data and 3 steps to clean it up.

This week’s downloadable is “Newsletter Tracking Template.”

This downloadable will help you KNOW YOUR NUMBERS! Grab the free download here.


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