Over the years I’ve seen so many people get stuck because they have a great idea for a business, they have a product to sell, they have a message to share, they are service providers, they are healers or coaches, or speakers. They are ready to go! And the first thing they are told is you need to have an online presence.

So they start asking questions in Facebook groups like “What platform should I use?” “What should I name my business?” “What logo do you like better?” Or worse, they jump right to Facebook Ads! And they get stuck because the thought of all the things puts them in analysis paralysis, cost overwhelm, and decision fatigue, or they feel like they don’t know what they don’t know.

Then they try to build a website themselves and get hung up on the technical stuff. Seen it a hundred times.

So if I could do it all over again and was starting out today, here’s what I would do: Instead of trying to figure it all out myself, I’d outsource this job to someone who could help with the naming, branding, website design, the whole shebang.

And the second item I’d outsource is to set up your “calls to action.”

In this short video, I’ll show you some examples below you’ll see links to items mentioned in the video.