“I am so confused by all the patchwork of systems I’ve accumulated over the years. I want to untangle the mess and create some manageable processes and systems.”

Help Me RhondaYou’re a coach, consultant, creative, or service provider with an established business but struggling to make more money or grow your business due to your lack of organization, systems, or processes.

Who you are

You have an established business and are making money, but you’re struggling to make time for revenue-producing activities and have maybe passed up lucrative opportunities.  It’s the classic entrepreneur trap, so much to do in so little time. You are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of marketing, customer service issues, and serving your clients in your business. You have few systems to speak of, if any, and you’re doing it all yourself in your business to the point where you run your business from a mishmash of sticky notes and notepads. You may even be starting to doubt that you’ll ever see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What your issues tend to be

Either you’re a one-woman show and doing it all yourself or you have a team and things are still falling through the cracks. There are giant leaks in your marketing and sales funnels, and you never know who is doing what at any given time. You are stressed, you feel overworked, you dream of that vacation in Tahiti, but then you look at your bank account and know you’ll have to put it off — again.  Your confidence is starting to lag because you constantly compare your success to others – and everyone else seems to be doing better than you. You can’t understand why it’s so hard and are tired of all the efforting.

What you need most right now

Your primary focus needs to be on creating processes, organizing, streamlining, and systematizing your business. While you may not feel like you are in a financial position to uplevel your marketing software, it’s time to create the time and mental space for yourself to grow your business. You’ll find that introducing a few automation strategies will not only create more hours in your day by saving time, but you’ll start thinking strategically about other aspects of your business. You will be freed from overwhelm, your confidence will increase, and you be in more of a position to systematize more.


Because your focus should be on creating systems for your business, you have plenty of options. I offer do-it-yourself options in your business – everything from productivity planners to my Business Freedom Guide online program, in which I give you the “how” and done-for-you systems that you can take and customize for your business.

If you want to take a massive shortcut, you can also book a SystemsSync call, in which I work with you to completely map out your action plan.

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Growth August 10, 2015