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As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and reseller, not only can I secure you a great lifetime discount on your preferred Infusionsoft Edition, but I also provide value-added consulting during your onboarding (also known as Kickstart services) to make the setup process smooth and easy breezy. I believe in complete transparency, so here is the straightforward bottom-line-up-front on how to get Infusionsoft at the best possible value…

First, I wanted to make a few quick points about why you should buy Infusionsoft through me:

  • You pay the same price whether you order from me or you order from Infusionsoft, the only difference is that get more value with my onboarding packages.
  • If Infusionsoft is having a promotion, I get all of the same promo codes (sometimes even unadvertised ones) so you can buy with confidence knowing you are getting the best deal.
  • Kickstart services are required for all new Infusionsoft customers. (Infusionsoft currently charges a one-time fee for a basic Kickstart, but my onboards offer WAY more value.)
  • I will first listen to your unique business needs then deliver customized consulting and support to exceed your expectations.

(Have you seen the Infusionsoft iDemo yet? Click here to watch it and see how Infusionsoft can help your online business.)

If you are ready to purchase Infusionsoft now and get started, you only need to do 3 STEPS:

Step #1

Choose your value-added onboarding (Kickstart) package

Ready, Set, Go!

Infusionsoft’s premium software is an investment in your business. And since your success is my success, I created a few onboarding programs called Kickstarts to make sure you make the most of that investment. During Kickstart, you’ll work one-on-one with me to learn key features and functions of the platform, what your biggest growth opportunities are, and how to create a campaign that gets leads and closes more sales.

Take your first steps into Infusionsoft with my expert guidance and education, so that you can reduce ramp-up time and get to ROI quickly. My service packages are specially designed to help your business make the most of the Infusionsoft software in the first 30 days, from building an overall strategy to creating automated processes.

Why go with me? I will provide you with what you should know about Infusionsoft and will give you a deeper level of campaign customization. I use Infusionsoft, my clients use Infusionsoft – I know what you need to get the most out of this robust program.

All packages start with a kickoff call to review your business processes using my Automation Assessment and creation of your custom Marketing Automation Blueprint to solve your biggest challenges and opportunities. All packages will use the same “Six-Phase Approach” – Assess, Plan, Build, Review, Launch, and Wrap-Up, but the difference will be based on factors such as how much customization you’ll require, needs of your team, how much data and/or products will need to be migrated, and if you’ll be hands-on or off.

All packages also include the following:

  • Access to a library of successful pre-built marketing plans, available for instant download
  • Unlimited access to the Infusionsoft Help Center, loaded with self-paced learning materials, live webinars, and online tutorials
  • 24/7 live technical support via Infusionsoft’s chat and phone

You can review the packages prior to our call and we can discuss which one is the best for you. When it’s time to purchase, you’ll choose the package here and I will process your monthly payment to Infusionsoft on my end. You will NOT need to purchase anything directly from Infusionsoft.

Starter Package

This budget-friendly package is for those just getting started. Includes:

  • Customized action plan
  • Consulting and implementation sessions
  • Data migration
  • 30-days email support
Mini Package

This package is ideal for the small business owner who has a product or service that sells but you need help identifying a strategy that will work. You may already have a tech-savvy member of the team who can take the bull by the horns and take off with the implementation and build-out.

Deluxe Package

This is for the robust online business owner who already has a list in place, products that are creating revenue, email sequences, etc. that need to be migrated and implemented. We will be co-building your application together – customizing your campaigns based on your goals and objectives.

Power Package
Starts at $3,250

This is for the business owner who wants a complete done-for-you experience. Your only job will be focusing on creating revenue. Includes a training session upon conclusion so that you will be able to know how to send an email or check reports, but for the most part, you will be hands-off. Here is just a sample of what is included:

  • Review of your business processes and creation of your custom Marketing Automation Blueprint to solve your biggest challenges and opportunities
  • Consulting and implementation sessions via Zoom with recordings
  • Creation of a marketing strategy to attract traffic and capture leads…automatically
  • Branded email template
  • Design and implementation assistance of three campaigns for your business
  • Data import, product migration, tagging conventions, and the set-up of your dashboard reporting
Consulting & Projects

Please set up a call to discuss your business needs, including: 

  • Consulting
  • Special projects
  • Training
  • Campaign build-out
  • etc.

Please note that for app upgrades, such as upgrading number of contacts, additional users, modules, you will need to contact Infusionsoft directly.

Step #2

Select the software edition that fits your business needs

This is what is called the “app” and this is what you pay to Infusionsoft each month to use their software. The software application comes in various editions so that you are not paying for what you don’t need. Keep in mind that these packages are not set in stone and I can quickly create a custom package based on your needs. Also note, I will process the transaction prior to your onboarding. You will NOT need to purchase anything else directly from Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Application Edition Pricing

Starter Edition – $99 / month

This edition is best for those who have basic marketing automation needs such as CRM (tracking your contacts), and e-mail management (sending newsletters and/or broadcasts to your list).

  • Contact Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • 500 contacts
  • Unlimited Emails
  • 1 user

Add-Ons – Add’l $58 / month

The E-commerce Module is for those who want to sell products, services, and subscriptions using the online storefront, shopping cart, and order forms. You can also send invoices, collect payments, and provide receipts.

With the Sales Module, you can manage your entire sales pipeline: automatically qualify leads, set reminders and trigger automated emails, track sales team activity, and view forecasts and reports.

Each module is an additional $58 per month, payable directly to Infusionsoft.

If you need to increase your number of contacts, add user accounts, etc., you can contact Infusionsoft directly and they can take care of that for you, but if I am your sales partner, contact me first as there may be a hidden promo you can take advantage of.


(Yes, you can add on additional contacts and/or users for a nominal amount each month – we can discuss that on the call so I can provide current pricing.)

Step #3

Schedule a Call

Click on the button to schedule a call so we can go over which application and onboard package is best for you, and we’ll also go over current promotions and discounts.